Rafael Nadal Talks About Every Victory Of His Having Special Meaning

While giving an interview to Le Parisien, Rafael Nadal was asked about his most special French Open Titles out of the 11. Replying to this he said, “ There are some that I like more than others, but each one has a special meaning.

Every Monday after the final, with no exceptions, when I leave Paris, I think it could have been my last title. I think it every year since 2005. That’s the truth, I tell you with my hand on the heart. You never know what can happen.

Simply, I always had the hope or the confidence to tell myself I had some chances. It’s the same when I lost the Wimbledon final in 2007. I thought that I would have never had the chance to win. The sports are like this. You have opportunities, you benefit from it.

If you make them get carried away, you cannot know if they will comeback.” Asked on which aspect he feels different than when he won his maiden Major in 2005, Nadal replied: “I am the same person. Only a bit older one.

The passion for sports, for tennis, has not changed. I only live it a bit calmer and I save my energies a bit more. At the time, I had a privileged body, basically, I was not afraid of anything because I had no injuries, I had the energy to run toward all the directions.

Now, unfortunately, I have had a lot of problems in my career and I am trying to be a bit more aware of what I have to do. If I am doing okay physically, that I have not too much pain, I can use it.”


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